Dear Sir/Madam

Union of Turkish Bars

We are pleased to inform you that the 18th Commonwealth Law Conference (CLC 2013) will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 14-18 April, 2013.

The Conference will highlight the legal, socio-economic and commercial challenges faced by the legal profession in Commonwealth jurisdictions and provide an opportunity to exchange information and learn from this. Delegates from all Commonwealth countries will have an opportunity to network, exchange views, experiences and possible solutions in the breathtaking shadow of Cape Town’s Table Mountain – one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

We would be pleased if you would kindly consider supporting our conference. Participating as a Supporting Organisation is a non-financial commitment to publicise the CLC 2013 to your members, such as through your newsletters, website postings, and mailing lists, in return for such promotional consideration and in addition to the benefits listed below,

As a Supporting Organisation we would like to ask you to:

  • Send a newsletter on our behalf to your members, informing them about our conference.
  • Publicise our conference on your website and/or on your event calendar.

In exchange for your support, we will:

  • List you as a Supporting Organisation and include your logo on the conference website;
  • List you as a Supporting Organisation and include your logo in the conference programme;
  • List any upcoming events that your organisation may have on the on the conference website;
  • Provide you with the opportunity to distribute your organisation's marketing materials in either the delegate bags and/or on the future meetings table at the conference itself;

We hope that your organisation will agree to support the conference and we look forward to working with you to take this forward.

For further information about the Conference, we invite you to visit the website: http://www.commonwealthlaw2013.org  

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Husain
Chair, Local Organising Committee

18th Commonwealth Law Conference